Kolkoz is the moniker under which french artists Samuel Boutruche and Benjamin Moreau present their often divisive, always thought-provoking conceptual work. The range of mediums the duo employ is vast – this plurality of method re- flects the multi-faceted nature of their artistic goal; to create work based on “activating the powers of representation through the transactions and exchanges” that occur in simultaneous “different realities”, addressing not only the authenticity of experience but also that of simulation. Innovation and potential are key concepts; everything is possible when humankind function as one body. Their work as a duo conceptualizes the idea of community and shared expe- rience – though they are two bodies they function as one artistic mind, and thus their creative output treads a delicate line between individual and communal. In their art kolkoz engages the viewer on a visual, sensual and intellectual level, challenging them to adjust their perceptions not only of art, but of reality itself.