Saint Barthélémy

St. Barth offers an abundance of natural beauty, culture and style. It has its historical reputation for being a beacon for artists and a meeting place for art lovers around the world. ART SAINT BARTH invites established and emerging international artists to live on the island, over the tourist season, and to create works, in situ. Artists in residence are encouraged to immerse themselves in the offerings of the island, draw inspiration from their discoveries and create limited edition site specific pieces in response.

Art Saint Barth

Forged in the spirit of facilitating a cultural exchange and highlighting international talent, ART SAINT BARTH aims to engage and connect a network of artists, designers and art lovers in Saint Barth.

ART SAINT BARTH intends to prepare the foundation for the discovery of contemporary art and design by organizing artist residencies, curating exhibitions and artistic events in various cultural sites of the island.

Residencies & Exhibitions

The principle of artist residence is not new. Since its introduction in antiquity to the present day, artists always had their place in the society. The word comes from the Latin term residence «re sedere» and means be long sitting. It means a dead time for a healing for creation. But also, it is synonymous with a time of testing and the creation of the public confrontation. Through a series of curated exhibitions and cultural programs, collectors and public will have the opportunity to directly access the experience and creation. Interacting with the artists, the viewer becomes an essential part of the creative process.